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Diesel Tuning

  • Diesel Tuning
  • Diesel Cars and 4x4's
  • Vans and Motorhomes
  • Fleet
  • Trucks

The diesel turbo powered vehicle has to be the best all rounder in respect of achieving the best power gains yet improving fuel economy significantly.

Weldbank Diesel Tuning

The Improvements we make to increase MPG come from better power to weight efficiency and the ability to use the additional power gained by the remap to drive more economically. Because the remap provides more power and torque into the lower rev range, it is possible to change into the higher gears earlier and to remain in higher gears longer when encountering hills, driving around sharp bends and roundabouts etc.  The elimination or reduction of flat spots reduces the need to 'power though' them, essentially wasting fuel.  Returns will vary according to how the driver uses the vehicle after a remap. Driver participation is extremely important many typical turbo-diesel drivers will see improvements of up to 15% sometimes more, and it is possible that some commercial vehicles will see even better results.  Driven wisely, use of the new power in a remapped engine for careful drivers provides the highest gains in MPG.

It is reassuring to know that with ever increasing fuel prices a WG tuning upgrade will not only release more power from your engine but can also improve your vehicle's fuel economy at the same time.

After a WG tuning remap you will experience:

  • Increased horsepower – up to 30%
  • Increased torque – up to 35%
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improved fuel economy - up to 15%
  • Safer overtaking

Benefits for Turbo Diesel engines.

Turbocharged diesels are no doubt the most tuneable for optimum performance and economy. These engines offer an enormous opportunity for reliable low cost tuning via remapping and should be considered when buying a replacement vehicle. The manufacture gives the consumer a choice of different power outputs often from the same engine, the power outputs controlled only by software, buying a vehicle with a lower power output more cheaply can be remapped to produce more power and torque and therefore giving the consumer the better vehicle for less money.

Diesel turbo vehicles we can remap include:

  • Cars & 4x4’s
  • Vans & Motorhomes
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Trucks

Optional V-switch is also available for diesel tuning (flick between maps)

Unfortunately remapping is not possible on all applications so we would recommend the v-box as an alternative (click on the relevant tab once the page has loaded)

Our rolling road is available on request for power runs before and after remapping (two wheel drive only and physical size may restrict operation). Costs do apply, unless there is a promotional offer at the time of your booking, please ask.

Please Call 01257 277782 or e-mail us at for more details

These vehicles respond very well to remapping and much can be done with them. Inside the ECU, limits are set by the manufacture; this is done for many reasons Your vehicle is a global product and therefore the manufacture has to deal with:

  • Poor fuel quality sold in some countries
  • Vehicles driven in countries where there is extreme hot or cold climates
  • Infrequent service intervals
  • Consumer choice, vehicles are made available with restricted performance levels so they fall into certain insurance groups and road tax bandings.
Diesel Car Tuning Diesel 4x4 Mapping

The good news is that the limits or parameters that are set by the manufacture can be pushed out further, yet still remain within a safe and controlled tolerance level for the vehicle application being remapped.

All maps for both petrol and diesel applications carry a 7 day money back guarantee. They are completely bespoke giving you the choice of tune for your vehicle and is fully insured by the RSA for that extra piece of mind.

Please Call 01257 277782 or e-mail us at for more details

These vehicles share a common complaint, they can struggle for power when fully loaded, this can have a very negative effect on fuel economy. It is not unusual to have to drop down a gear even on the motorway to keep the engine pulling. A WG tuning Eco Remap can provide the extra torque when you need it most especially low down in the rev range.

After tuning your vehicle it will feel more responsive with less gear changes, cruise control systems will be less likely to drop out on inclines and ultimately you will not have to make the engine rev as high resulting in more MPG.

Van remapping Motorhome Remapping

Please Call 01257 277782 or e-mail us at for more details

Eco Remapping

There are only two certainties in life our ultimate demise and the fact that fuel costs will only continue to rise.

If you run a business you will know that times are hard at the moment. Running a fleet of vehicles has got to be one of the highest overheads of any company, insurance, tax and of course servicing costs all mount up but fuel has never been so expensive. At the same time you are trying to remain competitive and are still trying to make a profit.

However a number of our forward thinking business owners have taken advantage of WG tuning Eco Remaps designed to help save fuel up to 15% in fact! vastly reducing their fuel costs and carbon footprint, profit margins going up giving them the edge in a very competitive market.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, we can guarantee that within no time at all you’re your vehicles will use less fuel and with an Eco remap no matter how much fuel costs rise you save! We are so confident that our Eco Remap will save you money we will carry out an Eco remap on a vehicle of your choice before you commit to spending anything, try before you buy and if your not satisfied with the results we will return the vehicle back to its original settings.

Here are examples of potential savings:

No. Of Vehicles Miles Per Year MPG Avg UK fuel price per Litre Avg UK fuel price per gallon Fuel cost milage covered Saving % per year Money saved per year
1 25,000 35 1.42 6.46 £4,615 15% £692
5 125,000 35 1.42 6.46 £23,075 15% £3,461
10 250,000 35 1.42 6.46 £46,150 15% £6,923
15 375,000 35 1.42 6.46 £69,225 15% £10,384
20 500,000 35 1.42 6.46 £92,300 15% £13,845

Based on Diesel average uk prices on 24/04/2011, figures on savings based on turbo diesel vehicles. Driver participation critical for best results If driven after the remap as before substantial savings can be made

WG tuning will always try to accommodate the situation and therefore provide a mobile service.

We can come to you and work around your schedule totally at you’re at your convenience (subject to location and time constraints)

A number of vehicles can be read all in one go and then if necessary written back to at a later time to reduce downtime.

Pulling Power!

Other Remaps are available to the fleet users your vehicles may carry heavy loads or you may tow trailers we also have performance or even better still blend remaps a combination of performance and economy this provides extra torque and power resulting in less gear changes but still giving good fuel economy

Discounts are available for fleet or multiple vehicle remaps

Please Call 01257 277782 or e-mail us at for more details

Commercial and HGV applications

As well as Cars, light commercial vehicles and Vans, WG tuning can also cater for heavy commercial vehicles. WG tuning can tune most commercial vehicles; this includes the smaller 7.5 tonne trucks and HGV's.

Commercial Tuning

The tuning of commercial vehicles is not just about the additional power, torque, driveability and BHP that can be delivered, which can be very considerable, but with the correct engine ECU remap very significant improvements in fuel consumption can be achieved.

Truck Remapping

Truck engines and ECUs can be tuned to deliver considerable extra pulling power and torque. Vehicles will feel smoother and more powerful, mid range acceleration and torque can be increased, reducing gear shifts and significantly increasing MPG return and driving pleasure can also be experienced.

Due to increased fuel economy after an eco tune or remap it is also possible to drive further distances between fuel fill ups therefore driver breaks to mileage also increases, creating more profit for you!

Most trucks can be tuned including the Mercedes HGV range, also DAF ,Volvo, Scania and MAN amongst others can also be tuned. HGV vehicles can be tuned in house at our workshop, but we also offer a complete mobile ecu remapping service, on site or at a convenient place or depot.

Discounts are available for fleet or multiple vehicle remaps

Please Call 01257 277782 or e-mail us at for more details