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  • V Switch
  • V Box
  • Speed Limiter Removal
  • Direct Shift Gearbox Tuning
  • EGR Removal
  • O2 Removal

V-Switch (flick between maps)

Giving you the power to choose

the V SwitchA unique switchable system which allows you, the driver, to choose your vehicle's tuning.

V-Switch is a portable, standalone customer based programmer that is truly simple to use and gives you ultimate flexibility in what you want from your vehicle. Designed to be used by the driver in the comfort of their own home it is capable of reading and writing tuning programmes for many different vehicle types. Uniquely, it can also store in its memory three different files dedicated to the same car – one original file and two tuned files. Available for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

You can tune your cars to your heart's content with the V-Switch allowing you to change the power output of the engine in a matter of minutes.

There are a number of combinations of tune available for each vehicle:

Choose and switch between up to 3 vehicle settings

  • Factory original
  • Maximum economy
  • Power and eco blend
  • Maximum power road
  • Track and Race-day
  • Valet mode (Reduced full power, ideal when you're not behind the wheel!)
Using the V Switch

V Switch Advantages

  • Truly simple home tuning
  • You can write the original programme before going to your dealer for servicing and inspection
  • Unlimited tunes allowed. You can reprogramme the ECU of your car as often as you like
  • Trouble codes can be read and deleted
  • You can re-use the V-switch with your next car, where possible, after selling the old one
  • Available via mail order
In most cases the V switch is able to read and clear trouble codes. It cannot not fix the vehicle, but it can tell you the fault which you may want to repair yourself without going to the main agent etc.
** the V switch can then be used on your next vehicle as long as it is still one of the many supported . You just pay for the new files! Please note the original file must go back into the original vehicle or the unit will remain "locked" to that vehicle.

V Switch really means that you can have your cake and eat it. With a choice of three engine tuning maps at your finger tips, you can switch between vehicle tuning options, and the standard vehicle setting whenever you wish.

Please Call 01257 277782 or e-mail us at for more details

V Box Diesel Tuning Box

VBoxDiesel engines can easily be tuned for improvement in fuel economy, torque and power.

WG tuning has an excellent range of ECU tuning products and can supply and fit any of the products, whether it is a bespoke engine remap or one of our high performance diesel tuning boxes from the V-BOX range.

V-BOX offers its tuning application to a wide range of diesel vehicles. It is programmable and can be used to significantly improve your vehicles driving characteristics.

What can V-BOX do for your vehicle?

  • It enables better acceleration giving a smoother response just when you need it
  • Fuel consumption can be improved by up to 20%
  • V-BOX improves torque making your vehicle feel far easier and less tiring to drive
  • Need to tow something? The improved pulling power give by V-Box will be invaluable

V-BOX Diesel tuning boxes can be very useful for a number of applications and tuning, they are easily installed and your vehicle can be returned to its standard setting simply by removing it.

Our Diesel tuning boxes are available through mail order and can be installed with no need to take the vehicle to a service centre or garage; unless of course you want WG tuning to fit it for you just ask and we will be more than happy to help..

Whether you own a Taxi, 4x4, commercial vehicle, pull heavy loads, tow trailers and caravans, cover high mileage or want to improve how your vehicle feels and responds whilst gaining improved fuel economy, there is a Viezu product that can help.

V-BOX is fully guaranteed as with the full range of Viezu products and services. This is underpinned with our seven day money back promise.

Please Call 01257 277782 or e-mail us at for more details

Speed Limiter Removal

Car on Rolling Road

We can remove speed limiters, if you have a BMW or Audi or Mercedes etc with 155mph top speed limiter or if you have a van with a factory top speed limiter combined with a remap considerable savings on cost can be made. We will of course always advice you on the speed ratings of your tyres to make sure you that your tyres comply with the new speed rating your vehicle is now likely to achieve.

DSG Gearbox Tuning and Performance

Viezu has developed an amazing range of DSG Gearbox tuning services. The DSG gear box tuning carried out is an excellent compliment to Viezu’s ECU remapping and engine tuning services. Just like our range of ECU remapping tuning, each DSG Gearbox tuning file is written specifically for the vehicle and driver that it is intended for, the DSG Gearbox tuning can be custom tailored to the drivers and vehicles requirements – each file can include launch control, shift and torque limiter functions and setting adjustments to give you the ultimate driving experience.

Gearbox Paddle

Light modifications to the DSG gear box can be made to improved shift speed, responsiveness and smoothness, event if you are not a track day driver, all drivers will enjoy these changes.

For more demanding and “spirited” drivers we can go further custom with our DSG gearbox tuning, this is highly suitable for modified and tuned vehicles, as well as the custom engine tuning we offer, the DSG gearbox tuning can ensure your engines performance and vehicles modifications are really working in harmony with your gearbox, i.e. performance exhausts, cats, (or de-cat), DPF deletions, supercharger and turbo upgrades can all be brought to life.

With fully custom DSG Gearbox tuning, including launch control, torque settings and enhanced shift points to suit your vehicle set up the difference after tuning will be dramatic, making the use of your DSG so much more fore filling and much closer to a track experience and performance.

Custom DSG Software Tuning with WG tuning & Viezu :

Increased Shift Response:

The shift response has been increased by up to 20% giving a smoother transition, leading to a decrease unnecessary clutch slippage under full load accelerations, which reduces clutch wear. With increased shift time you also get an improved paddle-reaction-time by up to 40% in S-mode.

Torque Limit Increase:

This is normally changed as part of engine tuning, but if your gear box is not tuned too, you are missing out! Through tuning the DSG Gearbox's ability to transmit torque from 350 Nm up to 550 Nm while still ensuring the stability and capability of all the mechanical moving hardware within the DSG gearbox. Torque limit both with our engine ECU tuning and now DSG is custom tuneable to your specification.

Increased Red Line:

Again, just like torque limiter tuning, its no good changing your engine rpm, if your gear box too is limited, now with our DSG tuning, all components can work in perfect harmony.Increasing the shift points gives you the command of your engine's power in the upper RPM range; we have raised the DSG transmission's rev limit to work with your engines new power and tuning.

Launch Control:

With Viezu’s DSG tuning launch control can be activated on most vehicles.a perfect launch can now be achieved releasing maximum 0-60 acceleration; this is one of the best ways to show off your vehicles performance and tuning, and its great fun too!

If you are looking to take your tuning to the next level, and bring all your modifications and engine tuning in harmony with your gearbox, DSG Gear box tuning is here. And like all Viezu tuning and performance products DSG tuning comes with our no quibble money back guarantee and insurance.

WG tuning Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Deletion Service.

EGR ValveMore and more vehicle owners are looking to remove the engines troublesome EGR valves from their vehicles as they are getting tired of paying huge garage bills to replace them regularly. The problem is, once you do this, you will have problems! If you simply remove the EGR system from the car, but do not disable it in the vehicles ECU, you will likely run into many problems such as:

  • Poor running.
  • Detonation/Knock
  • Lack of power.
  • Excessive temperature.
  • ECU Fault light on dash.

WG tuning can safely and correctly remove the EGR operation from your ECU, without the need for you to physically remove the valve itself so there are no tell tale signs that it has been done. (The valve of Course should being in a closed position and not leaking)

The average cost of deleting the EGR function from a vehicle's ECU does vary but savings can be made if you choose any one of our bespoke remaps and have EGR delete at the same time.


many so called "Remappers" are just turning off the EGR fault code system so that the fault light wil not come on the dash for EGR problems anymore. This only leaves the system trying to use the valve and in time can damage the engine quite significantly.

If you have an EGR problem please contact us on 01257 277782

The ECU often alters fuel and spark advance when it thinks EGR is active. If no EGR flow is possible because you removed it, you will have a lean condition which will be further aggravated by advanced timing, leading to detonation/Knock.

O2 Removal

Post catalyst Lambda sensors or O2 sensors are also becoming a very expensive system to repair.

o2 sensor

The engine management or malfunction indicator light (mil) will come on and when the vehicle is scanned will indicate a catalyst ageing fault code.

This usually suggests a faulty sensor at best but often is more likely to be a faulty catalyst, potentially a very expensive repair and even if a non genuine cat was fitted due to cost, because of the lesser quality compaired with that of a genuine one, we have seen even after a short time the mil light will illuminate again and further scanning would again indicate a catalyst ageing fault.

This system is used only for relating the catalysts condition to the ECU and the driver via the mil and does not affect the tuning of the engine.

The solution:

WG tuning O2 delete service will remove the system completely.

So therefore catalyst analysing is no longer present the pre cat lambda or O2 sensor circuit is unaffected.

O2 delete is available for many vehicles and prices vary but savings can be made if you choose any one of our bespoke remaps and have O2 delete at same time

Please Call 01257 277782 or e-mail us at for more details