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Peugeot 207 Remapping

Peugeot 207 gti thp

This cool looking and sounding peugeot 207 gti in for tuning. Power exhaust, sports cat and induction cone already fitted and taken into consideration for remap, taken from 173 bhp at flywheel to 191 bhp, torque at 217 lbft@3300 rpm we feel more to gain from this vehicle due to position of induction cone being to close to exhaust manifold and turbo, modifications are to be made back to original air box with panel filter however still a very very quick car. watch this space!!

Audi A3 Remapping

Audi A3 mid tune

This a3 in for blend remap, health check carried out including pre remap power run very good vehicle producing 164 bhp amazing as stock is 138 bhp. after map now at 186 bhp at flywheel with 165 at the wheel torque also measured showing 329 lbft@2230rpm up from stock 258l bft

Peugeot Remapping

Peugeot 406 2.2 HDI

in for tuning today peugeot 406 2.2hdi taken from 125 bhp to 147 bhp plus lots more torque

Iveco Remapping

Iveco 35c12

iveco 35c12 unable to remap but fitted a diesel tuning box, up from 116 bhp to 141bhp + torque economy results now in has gone from 26 mpg to 30 mpg that’s over15%!!!

Triumph TR Tuning

Triumph tr3

in for tuning this beautiful triumph tr3 not remapped but tuned the old fashioned way

Audi All Road Remapping

Audi all road

Audi all road 2.7 biturbo petrol customer wanted performance tune rated at 250 bhp he wasn't disappointed as we took it to 300 bhp with lots more torque he commented saying it was just marvellous with very smooth yet sharp acceleration

TVR Remapping

TVR race car

In for rolling road health check, this TVR race car with GM v8 engine fitted, not taken to full power due recent engine rebuild but should produce up to 500 bhp, due to race next week good luck Jamie!!

Discovery Remapping

Discovery 3

in for performance remapping this Disco 3 now with much more torque and bhp and a very happy customer

Mercedes Van Remapping

mercedes 313 sprinter

mercedes 313 sprinter eco tuned, save money, save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint eco remaps are available for individuals and fleet operators discounts available for multiple vehicles

VW Golf Remapping

vw golf with DPF fault

vw golf 170 tdi with persistant DPF problem order of repair was to remove DPF file from ECU with economy map upgrade as well. Particulate filter was removed and millteck modified down pipe fitted in its place final rolling road test to check all was well. Now no malfuction lights, no limp home just a great running car

VW Passat Remapping

vw passat 1.9 tdi

vw passat 1.9 tdi 105 bhp with flat spot @ 2500 revs carried out blend tune of performance and economy peak bhp now at 145 bhp lower down in rev range resulting in a much smoother and more even power delivery

Golf GTI Remapping

Vw golf gti

This outstanding vw golf gti in for power run only, rated at 210 bhp stock producing an incredible 350 bhp!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable

Ford Mondeo Remapping

Ford mondeo tdci

In for blend tune, smooth performance with better fuel economy, not a bad mix!!!! Fuel economy now improved to give 75 miles extra per tank

Honda Remapping

Honda 2.2 CDTI type S

Honda 2.2 CDTI type S in for remap customer asked for blend tune pre remap was up on stock horse power at 147 should have been 138 BHP quite healthy. After remap was really really healthy now 173.8 BHP!!!!

Saab Remapping

saab 95 tid with DPF fault

saab 95 tid with a DPF fault very expensive to repair instead we deleted the DPf file off the ECU removed the DPF core now, no light, no limp home, no problem!!!

 Mercedes Remapping

Mercedes C220 mid tune

In for tuning this merc C220 stock power 147 brake producing a very healthy 160!! after blend remap a much smoother, much sharper 177 BHP!!!!BHp at the flywheel and 170 at the wheel that’s a 33 horsepower increase at the wheel!!!!! plus 45 BHP over stock figure!!!!

VW Golf Remapping

Very quick vw golf tdi

This 150 BHP stock golf gt tdi in for a blend remap and rolling road checks producing a very healthy 167 Bhp @ flywheel with 137 at the wheel on 1st run and pre remap, after remap now achieving an unbelievable 195

VW Golf Remapping

VW golf tdi 105 bhp

his golf tdi is a real workhorse used everyday up and down the country due to necessary repairs the remap was put off till now, but it was worth it, Stuart the owner asked for a blend tune and was amazed to see the golf go from 107 bhp at the flywheel and 85 at the wheel to an incredible 149 at the flywheel and an unbelievable 131 brake at the wheel!!! producing a very different drive. Economy results now in show a 50mpg increase per tank!!

VW Caddy Remapping

VW caddy blend tune

Another amazing result from the vag camp this time from the commercial division. This vw caddy has tons more mid range torque and BHP after a blend tune only, taking it from a basic 107 bhp to 143 bhp at the flywheel and 90 at the wheel to a mind blowing 130 bhp. All this and fuel economy too!!!

Toyota Hilux Remapping

Toyota Hilux pickup tuned with a box

In for tuning this Toyota Hilux pickup unable to remap it due to software issues as an alternative we offered the owner one of our diesel tuning boxes this vehicle was really struggling for power, after fitting the box and tuning on the rollers we got it from 84 bhp at the flywheel to 103 bhp but incredibly from 54 bhp at the wheels to 76 bhp thats nearly 40%!!!

Nissan X Trail Remapping

Nissan x trail diesel box tuning

Unable to remap this one at this time due to unusual ECU board layout it was opted to plug the gap for now with a diesel tuning box, using one of the viezu v-box range and a session on the rolling road took this 136 bhp stock x trail with 111 at the wheel to 154 bhp at the flywheel and 130bhp at the wheel!!

Rover 75

Rover 75 2.0 ltr turbo diesel

Customer asked for economy remap. Original tune was 128 BHP after tune was increased to 138 BHP also giving better low down torque, economy up from 44 mpg to 51 mpg. Good result!

Citroen DS3

Citroen DS3 1600 turbo petrol

These are a pocket rocket at the best of times. Customer asked for performance remap taking the stock 150 BHP to an incredible 191 BHP!! after taking the vehicle away he rang back the next day to say he was bowled over with the extra power.

Range Rover Remapping

Range Rover 3.0 V6 turbo diesel

Customer asked for a blend tune of performance and economy. He wasn't disappointed original tune 174 BHP up 38 BHP after tune, fuel economy increased by 12%.

Nissan Primaster Remapping

Nissan Primastar 1.9 dci 100

Customer asked for performances remap 95 BHP up to 116 BHP without lifting the bonnet, fuel economy up from 35 mpg to 40mpg

motor home remapping

Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD Motorhome

Customer asked for a blend remap but due the age we could not remap through the OBD port so we Supplied and fitted a diesel tuning box and was adjusted to give optimum power and economy

BMW Remapping

BMW 520 Turbo Diesel

Customer asked for a performance remap Wanted a better overall driving experience stock 174 bhp taken to 215 bhp was a very happy man.

Audi Remapping

Audi 3.0ltr v6 TDI

Owner wanted an eco tune, standard 240 bhp after remap still ended up with 30 bhp more power and 55 nm more torque fuel saving should give 15%

Skoda Remapping

Skoda Octavia 1.9 ltr TDI

Customer asked for an eco tune was 107 bhp standard after remap was an incredible 140 bhp should produce good fuel economy to boot.

Audi Remapping

Audi 3.0ltr v6 tdi Avant

owner wanted an eco remap standard 201 bhp after Remap up 28 bhp and torque increased to gain another 60 nm fuel economy up to 15% expected.

Seat Remapping

Seat Leon 2.0 ltr TDI

This cracking looking seat leon was in the other week for performance tune was 140 bhp but after performance remap was 182 bhp with lots of extra torque Its now ready for another rolling road after learning new adaptation lets see what it will do watch this space